Private Coaching & Training

F+L Coaching is the starting point for all dog owners. Good behavior begins at home, where your pet feels most comfortable and able to misbehave. We can turn your mischievous mutt into a polite pup, and teach your old dog some new tricks.


Every dog is different, and a free consultation will help to develop a plan of action specific to your individual needs, but some of the problems we regularly help with are:


  • Toilet training

  • Persistent barking

  • Leash pulling

  • Unsociable behavior

  • Over excitement

  • Jumping on people and furniture

  • Begging behavior and food stealing

  • Nipping and biting


Polite Pup Training


In young dogs, we can help to tackle the problems in the list above and prevent them from developing. This course also provides all of the basic skills your puppy will need in later life, including walking on a leash, being transported in a carry case and basic management skills.


Starting early helps to ensure that your pup grows into a happy, obedient adult.


We offer Basic Obedience Training in two levels.


Each level comes with a certificate of completion:


Basic Obedience Level 1


Over the course of four one-hour sessions, your dog will learn basic commands including:


  • Name Response & Release

  • Focus & Stay

  • Sit & Sit-stay

  • Down & Down-stay

  • Come & Heel

  • Stop & Wait

  • Leash pacing (slow, normal, fast) without pulling

  • Take-It/Leave-it & Fetch


Basic Obedience Level 2


Over the course of four one-hour sessions, your dog will learn basic commands including:


  • Improving performance of known cues (faster response, longer “stays”, etc.)

  • Ignoring distractions whilst following commands

  • Performing commands in different environments and over long distances

  • Bark and be quiet on command

  • Go to (mat, bed, door, etc.)

  • Greet visitors

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