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What type of animals do you work with?

PETS + predominantly works with dogs & cats, but we are also able to undertake home visits with other pets to treat, feed and provide company if the owner is away.

How do I know which type of training is right for my pet?

Please book in for a free consultation so that we can meet your pet and offer advice.

My pet isn’t very sociable, will you be able to work with them?

Our staff are very experienced and have training in working with nervous, mischievous and aggressive pets. If we are unable to walk or train your pet straight away, we can help to develop a personal plan of action to change your pet’s behavior.

How much do you charge for a consultation?

Dog behaviour consultation and assessment are complimentary & our fee for medical consultation & physical check-up,  is RWF 20,000. Dr. Arum, Ineza and our team are very knowledgeable and willing to help you, we can answer always your pet care inquiries.

For dog training, please download our service menu to see current prices, or get in contact.

What happens if something goes wrong whilst my pet is in your care?

Before booking, we urge all customers to read our Terms of Service.

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