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Follow + Lead

Follow + Lead offers a range of services and comprehensive training courses for pets of all ages.


Responsible pet ownership is all about developing confidence, obedience and sociability. Pets that have not been trained can pose a risk to themselves and to others. In extreme cases, unsociable animals may attack people or other pets. In less extreme circumstances, a dog which barks all night or steals food is unlikely to make you popular with your neighbors, and can also be detrimental to its own health.


Here at PETS + our focus is on positive reinforcement. We help your animal to behave because they want to, never yelling at them or hitting. Our aim is to build a lasting relationship of trust between you and your pet.


Training strengthens the bond between you and your pet, leading to a healthier, happier life for everyone.

Book yourself in for a free consultation today, and have a qualified member of the PETS + team discuss your needs.

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