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Our Team


El-Rahim Jaffer was born and raised in Rwanda. He moved to Belgium, but spent most of his life in Toronto, Canada, surrounded by dogs, cats, birds and fish.

After more than three years studying dog training at the Animal Behavior College, and practicing in Toronto, he moved back to Rwanda to share his skills and raise awareness of animal welfare.


Rahim’s vision is to improve the lives of pets in Rwanda and to establish a one-stop shop for all pet needs. From quality vet care, food and accessories, to services such as training, walking, boarding and grooming, so that people and their pets can live in harmony.

El-Rahim Jaffer
PETS + Founder

Dr. Septianingrum Lestari, also known to clients as Dr. Arum, is a qualified veterinary doctor with a huge amount of experience working with domestic animals in Rwanda. She graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Gadjah Mada University and worked in Vietnam before moving to Rwanda in 2015.

In 2017 she joined forces with El-Rahim to open the PETS + veterinary clinic, Vets +, in Kicukiro.

Her passion and care for the animals fit with the vision of PETS +, she's an advocate of animal welfare with the Rwandan Council of Veterinary Doctors.

Dr. Arum Lestari
Managing Director & Head Veterinarian

Ineza Alidry joined PETS + from mid-2017. His passion for dogs began at an early age, growing up in a neighbourhood where there were many strays. After helping to train his friend’s dog, he decided to pursue a career in animal behaviour.

To Ineza, dog training is not just a job. It connects him with his favourite childhood memories, and has allowed him to achieve his dream of helping Rwandans to change the way they look at animals. He wants to help people to shake off the idea that dogs just guard the home and chase off intruders by showing that they are also loving, loyal companions.

ineza currently manages a training facility in Kinyinya, where a pack of rescued dogs reside and help troubled dogs get over their aggression/fear/anxiety.

Ineza Alidry Cloudstone
Dog Trainer & COO
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