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Terms & Conditions

At PETS + we have the very best interests of your pet at heart. We are a team of people who love animals and devote our time to making sure they are happy and well cared for. We hope that you find our products and services helpful, but we also urge you to read our Terms of Service before booking. If you have any questions regarding our Terms of Service, please get in contact.

                    These terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted on confirmation of booking.

1) All services are subject to an initial consultation & assessment session. Consultation is not a guarantee of further service provision. PETS + Ltd. reserves the right to decline working with clients where there is a perceived risk to staff, the pet or other animals, or to cancel a contract with immediate effect, and without compensation, where this later becomes apparent.

2) PETS + Ltd. have the very best interests of your pet at heart, but cannot be held financially liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside the home whilst under our care.

3) The client must provide PETS + Ltd. with the name and contact number of someone authorized to make a decision relating to their pet in an emergency. The client grants PETS + Ltd. the right to liaise with veterinary staff and make emergency decisions in the best interests of their pet if the contact provided is unavailable.

4) The client is responsible for any veterinary bills whilst their pet is in the care of PETS + Ltd.

5) The client must provide a full vaccination history for their pet on request.

6) The client must alert PETS + Ltd. to any behavioral problems with their pet at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result in additional charges or cancelation.

7) Full payment for services are due by the date specified on the invoice. Late payments will incur interest of 2% per week and may incur an additional administrative charge of FRW 10,000 for each reissue of invoice.

8) Cash payment may be given to staff members, which must be followed by a written receipt. The appointed person must be made aware of cash collection by the client through the Follow + Lead manager or coordinator. Otherwise, acknowledgement of payment cannot be guaranteed.

9) All appointments cancelations must be given with a 24 hours’ clear notice otherwise full fees will apply.

10) You may withdraw from a package at any time. A refund of 50% of the remaining balance will be made if cancellation occurs once the training sessions have begun. All training packages are valid for 12 months and are non-transferable.

11) Listed prices may be subject to change without notification.

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