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Whether you're going away for a month or a day, we have a number of boarding solutions for cats and dogs.

In-house Boarding: We have space at our clinic for housing dogs and cats. If you're going away for more than a few days, this is a helpful solution which ensures your loved ones gets the attention and care they deserve, in a secure environment.

Boarding & Training: We also offer boarding at our training facility, where play & exercises are focused on. Ideal for socializing with the multiple dogs we always have on site, our rescue family. We work on problem behaviours and obedience throughout the day, and set up an ideal management system for effective rehabilitation.

Home Visits: If you're going away for a short time, we can drop by your home to exercise and feed your pet without the disruption of them having to leave familiar surroundings. We can also administer medication if your pet has a health condition.

Contact us to discuss your pet's needs and which solution might be best for you.

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